Photograph of mantids, wolf spider and ulysses butterfly.

Steve Parish Amazing Facts: Australian Insects & Spiders

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Amazing Facts about Australian Insects & Spiders provides real insight and informative facts about Australia's insects and spiders – including their classifications, diets, habitats and life cycles.

Many people have an immediate reaction of fear and disgust towards insects and spiders, but closer investigation reveals how beautiful and truly amazing these small animals are. Within these pages you will hear of tiny blind construction workers who cooperate to build huge, high-rise, air-conditioned homes with farms inside them; you’ll read about spider’s silk — one of the world’s strongest fibres, which is five times stronger than steel for its size; and you’ll re-discover the incredible metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Perhaps what you learn from this book will delight you so much that you’ll want to delve deeper into the amazing lives of Australia’s creatures!