Black and white photograph of Cradle Mountain by Stephen Spurling.

Photographs by Spurlings - A treasure trove of Tasmanian Images

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Stephen Spurling III’s images transport the viewer beyond the everyday and in doing so, enrich the soul.

For nearly a century, from the mid-1800s, the Spurling name was synonymous with fine Tasmanian photography.

To obtain his images, Steve (as he was known) had to lug his cumbersome camera and fragile glass plates through trackless, inhospitable regions and rely on bush tucker for survival. Despite these difficulties, he returned with a bounty of wilderness images which helped sow the seed for the environment movement in Tasmania.

Although taken more than a hundred years ago, some of these images are still in use and have been deployed in conservation campaigns. Many others have become collectors’ items and have found their way into museums, art galleries and libraries both in Australia and overseas.

Hard cover, 150pp.