Female cricketer in uniform striking ball with cricket bat.

On the Front Foot: The Rise of Tasmanian Women's Cricket

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The story of women’s cricket in Tasmania is one of perseverance and passion.  It is a history of firsts, including Lily Poulett-Harris who founded organised women’s cricket in Australia, and the Tasmanian team that played in the first interstate women’s cricket match. 

Underpinning the journey are the trailblazing pioneers who stepped into the male domain of cricket. In its beginnings, cricket helped women define themselves in a new way, to cross divides and showcase what they could do, rather than what was expected. Cricket broadened women’s perspective of the world, and broadened the world’s perspective of women. 

On the national stage, Tasmania has thrived on its underdog tag, a source of motivation for extraordinary performances that have challenged and bettered some of the strongest women’s cricket teams in Australia. Whether playing national competition or local competition, Tasmanian female cricketers have shaped the modern game and paved the way for the professional pathways that exist today. 

Hardcover edition.