Reimagined diorama of Macquarie Island with birds.

Anne Zahalka – A colony of boffins

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Anne Zahalka, one of Australia’s leading photographers, has turned her lens towards QVMAG’s historic dioramas. Lost Landscapes is the latest iteration in her series Wild Life, a project in which she unearths habitat displays from around Australia and re-imagines them to reflect contemporary concerns about the environment.

‘Oceanic crust and rock from deep below the earth’s surface
formed Macquarie Island millions of years ago. The sub-Antarctic
climate of this ecosystem with its unique megaherbs is of major
geoconservation significance. Its vulnerable flora and fauna have
flourished since the eradication of rodents and other feral animals
introduced by early explorers. Adventurers and volunteers now
navigate this lush landscape via elevated walkways so as not to
disturb its fragile vegetation.
While biological sciences remain an important part of the overall
research program including upper atmosphere physics, geoscience,
medicine, meteorology and remediation that are safely carried out
on World Heritage listed Macquarie Island, the greater uncontrollable
environmental issue is marine plastics. Small colourful floating
pieces can be mistaken for food by surface feeding birds and its
frequent ingestion can result in death.’

Artist’s statement 2020

Unframed print – Limited edition of 20 

Pigment ink on archival paper – image size approximately 30cm x 61cm