A picture of a Falcon perched on a ledge.

Australian Falcons

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More than 50 years in the making, Australian Falcons is a beautifully illustrated volume of personal observations, interesting encounters with raptors, and detailed descriptions of behaviour that will inform and delight the reader.

The late great Peter Slater needs no introduction as one of Australia’s finest natural history artists, photographers and authors over a period of decades, with the renowned The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds among his many works.

For this book Peter teamed up with the equally talented and award-winning artist Sally Elmer to produce the ultimate volume on this family of scythe-winged birds of prey, including the Peregrine Falcon, which has been recorded reaching speeds of more than 300 kilometres per hour. Other chapters cover Australia’s other five falcon species: Nankeen Kestrel, Brown Falcon, Australian Hobby, Grey Falcon and Black Falcon.