Illustrations of under the ocean with the surface covered in plastics.


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Our oceans are amazing! They are filled with wonderful sea creatures and are essential for a healthy planet. But it’s now estimated that there are more pieces of plastic in the ocean than visible stars in the Milky Way. So how can we stop plastic from our homes and cities from ending up floating in oceans far away? By becoming ocean change-makers!

Oceans of Plastic explores how ocean systems and swirling currents bring plastics together into massive ocean garbage patches. It also uncovers the floating world of the 'plastisphere' – a mini community of microbes living on ocean plastics – and explains how plastic breaks up, not down, and can even end up on your dinner plate!

This book is packed with great ideas and simple changes that you can make to help our oceans. Become an ocean change-maker in your home, school or community, and inspire others to join you in protecting the future of our oceans.